Home Uncategorized The Best Holiday Gifts Under $300: VANKYO Performance V700W Projector & VANKYO MatrixPad S30 Tablet

The Best Holiday Gifts Under $300: VANKYO Performance V700W Projector & VANKYO MatrixPad S30 Tablet

The Best Holiday Gifts Under $300: VANKYO Performance V700W Projector & VANKYO MatrixPad S30 Tablet

The VANKYO Performance V700W Projector and MatrixPad S30 Tablet are both excellent under $300 holiday gifts.

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be tricky, especially with so many options, but VANKYO makes it simple with their VANKYO Performance V700W projector and MatrixPad S30 Tablet. Every year, big box stores and online retailers offer fantastic deals on TVs and streaming sticks to power everything from living room setups to full-fledged home theaters. The cost of flat-screen televisions, which often have high resolutions and superior picture quality, has dropped dramatically in recent years. During Black Friday and other holiday sales, interested buyers can get a smaller TV for a few hundred dollars. However, this is only true for smaller televisions. For buyers craving to enjoy their favorite content on a big screen, a projector might be the way to go — and VANKYO makes a great option.

People may recall projectors because of the grainy, low-quality content they saw in schools many years ago. However, by 2022, projectors will be extremely high-quality, with resolutions similar to high-definition televisions. A projector has the advantage of being able to display content at much larger sizes than many TVs while costing much less. As a result, a projector is an excellent holiday gift that is less expensive than the average similar-sized flat screen TV. Nonetheless, it’s critical to select the right projector, and the VANKYO Performance V700W is the most well-rounded projector on the market for under $300.

The VANKYO Performance V700W excels in two key areas: price and performance, making it an ideal holiday gift this year. A 40-inch or 50-inch flat screen TV can cost between $250 and $400, depending on the display technology. When considering the cost of high-definition projectors, that may appear to be a good value to gift shoppers. The VANKYO Performance V700W costs $299 and has a much larger screen for viewing various types of content. The VANKYO Performance V700W can do it all, from streaming movies and TV shows to connecting to a video game console.

Give (Or Get) An All-In-One Home Theater This Holiday Season

The projector from VANKYO has a high-definition, 1920 x 1080p resolution that can be scaled up to sizes that dwarf traditional TVs. The VANKYO Performance V700W can be configured in a variety of ways, and it’s simple for anyone to figure out. There is a user manual included to assist with any issues, and the company advertises a three-year warranty for the product. It can be placed in front of, behind, or on top of a screen. The fact that the VANKYO Performance V700W can be ceiling-mounted is fantastic news for advanced home theater enthusiasts. Similarly, the fact that it can be placed in front of or behind a viewing screen adds flexibility that beginners will appreciate.

Customers will be relieved to learn that the VANKYO Performance V700W projector was designed with eye protection in mind. According to the company, over 50% of blue light is filtered, reducing the effects of both blue light and direct light from the screen, which has a brightness of 420 ANSI lumens. It also has an adjustable screen that can be used to keep the projector at a safe viewing distance. Aside from protecting VANKYO users, the company is also working to protect the environment.

The accessories required to get everything set up may prevent holiday shoppers from purchasing a projector. That is not an issue with the VANKYO Performance V700W. Aside from the input device, almost everything users need to get started is included. The VANKYO Performance V700W is equipped with two HDMI ports, two USB ports, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The box contains all of the necessary accessories, including a 120-inch projector screen. There are even 5W/4ohm Dolby speakers built into the projector with a 360° panoramic soundscape, minimizing the need for users to purchase a pair of speakers separately.

It also has Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 support. In addition, with every purchase, VANKYO includes a power cable and an HDMI cable. The included remote allows you to refocus the projector in real time.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade a friend or family member’s streaming setup for the 2022 holiday season, consider the VANKYO Performance V700W. The projector’s 224-inch viewing screen costs only $299, which is more than double the price of comparable TVs. It’s essentially an all-in-one home theater system, and many people will want to give (or receive) a VANKYO Performance V700W this holiday season.


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