‘This Is The American Dream’: Ke Huy Quan’s Epic Oscars Speech After Best Supporting Actor Win Has Twitter Emotional – Billionschannel

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A year after the slap heard around the world, the Oscars is back but with a different vibe, thanks to Ke Huy Quan’s win. His performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once has definitely turned heads and the 95th Academy Awards is giving the former Indiana Jones star the perfect exclamation by giving him the Best Supporting Award. In turn, Quan went out and melted hearts in his acceptance speech.

Upon being named the Best Supporting Actor for his role as Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Quan goes to the stage with tears as the crowd goes wild. He starts with his speech by saying that his 84-year old mother is watching at home while exclaiming that he just won an Oscar, prompting the attendees to cheer louder.

Still crying, Quan recounts how he started on a boat as a child and spent a year in a refugee camp. Now, on the grandest stage of it all, he has now won an Academy Award, proving that his life is the American Dream. Quan then goes on to thank his mother, brother, co-stars in Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Jeff Cohen, his co-star in Goonies as a child actor. He then ends his speech by thanking his wife for always making him believe that dreams come true.

Naturally, those following this Oscars 2023 moment joined in on the fun to celebrate the actor’s big win.

With Quan’s big win for his impressive role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, it’s safe to say that the actor will be living the dream for many years to come.

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