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Sifu Xbox Release Date: Gameplay, Story, Details – Billionschannel

Sifu Xbox Release Date: Gameplay, Story, Details – Billionschannel


After a year since its release on the PC and PlayStation and almost four months since its release on the Nintendo Switch, we’re finally nearing Sifu’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X release date. Here’s everything you need to know about Sifu, including its gameplay, story, and other relevant details.

Sifu Xbox One / Xbox Series X Release Date: March 2023

Sifu is finally coming out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X this March 2023. The exact release date has not yet been publicized. The game was developed and published by Sloclap.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard of Sifu right now, then there are just a few possible explanations: You’ve been too busy playing Elden Ring when this game came out; you’re an Xbox console owner and don’t read about any game that was not releasing for the Xbox, or you were just living under a comfortable rock. Whatever your case may be, I’m glad you’re reading this article, because that means you’ve finally wisened up and know about Sifu at this point, which makes the world a better place.


Sifu puts players in the shoes of a vengeful young man, who sets out for revenge looking for those responsible for the murder of his father, a martial arts master. With little information to work with, players work through different groups of enemies, looking for clues and doing detective work to find out who were responsible. As they beat up one gang after another, the player comes closer to the truth and comes closer to the vengeance and justice they want to enact.

Sifu Gameplay

Sifu is a beat ’em up that puts a lot of emphasis on accuracy, precision, patience, and learning from one’s mistakes and experiences. Recursions happen a lot, as the player resurrects in-game every time they die, although the player character ages each time. The game ends when the player dies and ages too old to fight. The player takes on different locations filled with gang members, each one housing the gang’s leader who is pivotal in finding out the truth about his father’s murder.

Unlike most beat ’em up games, Sifu is not winnable through simple button pressing. Players can chain their attacks together, allowing players to work around their opponents’ and their environment’s placements to tactically fight depending on the situation. However, opponents are also very sly and agile, which means defense in the form of blocking, dodging, and parrying is essential to the player’s success. As players defeat more enemies and uncover new clues, more levels and even secret levels can be unlocked. The game has two different endings depending on the players’ decision-making in the game as they defeat the bosses of the different gangs they come across.


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