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Nothing Phone 2 Look |  Launch in US later this year

Nothing Phone 2 Look |  Launch in US later this year

The upcoming Nothing Phone 2 Look, according to Carl Pei, will be “more premium” than the Phone 1. The launch of the upcoming Nothing Phone 2 in the US later this year has not been confirmed by Carl Pei.

Nothing Phone 2 Look
Nothing Phone 2 Look

The announcement that the company will introduce the Phone (2) in the US later this year comes less than a month after Nothing decided to bring the Phone (1) to the country. A spokesperson for Nothing confirmed the release via email to CNET after it was first reported by Inverse.

Carl Pei, co-founder of Nothing and its CEO, provided few specifics about the phone in his interview with Inverse.

Nothing Phone 2 Look
The launch of the upcoming Phone 2

According to Inverse, Pei stated, “We’re developing a smartphone that’s more upscale than the Nothing Phone (1), and software will be a big focus area for us. Pei claimed that he refers to the Phone (2) as “premium” rather than a flagship because he considers the Phone (1) to be a flagship and the Phone (2) to be an upgrade.

Pei added to Inverse that the company was able to promote its products more aggressively in the US thanks to Nothing’s revenue and sales growth. As part of the testing for Android 13, Phone (1) was made available in the US.

According to Inverse, Pei stated that when creating a smartphone for the United States, one must collaborate with the carriers to obtain certification and incorporate some of their features into the OS. The resources for that weren’t available before, but they are now.

The Nothing Phone (1), marketed as a dependable smartphone that won’t break the bank, was made available outside of the US in July 2022. According to Andrew Lanxon of CNET, the design of the phone, which has good performance and speed, makes it stand out.


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