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New Batman banner appears in the Super Bowl premiere of The Flash

New Batman banner appears in the Super Bowl premiere of The Flash

Additionally, the official Batman poster with Michael Keaton is revealed during the Super Bowl LVII, along with The Flash trailer.

During the 2023 Super Bowl, a new Batman poster with Michael Keaton will be shown along with a new The Flash teaser.

In addition to the official Batman poster starring Michael Keaton being unveiled, The Flash trailer debuts during Super Bowl LVII. (Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios)

Although the Eagles and Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LVII, The Flash trailer was more eagerly awaited by DC Universe fans. The Flash is being considered as the final peek at the Snyderverse following James Gunn’s shocking announcement of the future DC Studios schedule (aka the DC Extended Universe). But information on the upcoming The Flash movie has been scant and sporadic over the past year due to star Ezra Miller’s sad personal issues.

What does The Flash’s new poster and trailer indicate about him? Look at the information below.

New Batman banner appears in the Super Bowl premiere of The Flash

The new The Flash trailer was uploaded by DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn on his official Twitter account at the same time that it was released on the DC social media platforms and during the live Super Bowl.

The Flash’s teaser video gives viewers a better idea of the interconnected stories that will eventually result in the DC Universe reboot. We finally get to see Michael Keaton’s Batman scenes, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman, Zod’s Kryptonian invasion, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in action, the Kryptonian invasion headed by Zod, and the Zod-led invasion. New sequences also feature Barry Allen’s twin, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, as the two Flashes cooperate.

In addition, the brand-new Batman poster featuring Michael Keaton (from the Tim Burton 1989 film and the 1992 sequel Batman Returns) features the Joker in his modernised all-black attire. Additionally, it has the tagline “A Retired Vigilante,” which denotes that when the events in The Flash movie take place, Keaton’s Bruce Wayne has given up on fighting crime.

The first The Flash poster featuring Ezra Miller’s titular speedster was made available earlier this week. With the slogan “Worlds Collide,” that poster featured Barry Allen/The Flash wearing the new outfit and standing on a platform in the Batcave.

James Gunn has publicly stated that the DC Universe will start over and the alterations would go into effect at the conclusion of The Flash. The plot of the movie is partially inspired on the DC Comics Flashpoint event, in which Barry tries to stop his mother from dying but accidentally starts a chain reaction that alters reality. Barry fails to save his mother at the end of Flashpoint, but he also changes reality once more. Though less sinister than the Flashpoint world, it nevertheless differs from Barry’s home reality (creating what was called the New 52 DC universe).

With Sasha Calle’s Supergirl standing in for Superman, the new teaser does appear to borrow ideas from Flashpoint. Additionally, Keaton’s Batman takes the role of the Batman in that particular plot—Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. If the suspicions about him serving as a guise for the real antagonist, Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash, are accurate, the second Barry does not seem to fit into the Crossfire story.


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