Kyrie Irving Sneaker Saga Continues With Tribute To Former Teammate’s Brand – Billionschannel

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Kyrie Irving once had one of the most popular Nike Basketball signature sneakers among players in the league. But after Irving’s controversial post involving an antisemitic movie, Nike decided to terminate his contract in December 2022, making him a sneaker free agent

Since then, Kyrie has had to get creative with the sneakers he wears during his games. Since he’s no longer receiving a steady income of brand-new Nike models and colorways, Kyrie has decided to continue wearing his signature sneaker and covering up any Nike logos with expressive messages. He’s often covering Nike logos with black tape and writing quotes or opinions on social justice. Notably, Irving wore a Native American moccasin over his Nike shoes during the All-Star Game, paying homage to his Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

His freedom to express himself through his sneakers continued with the latest installment of his sneaker saga when he was spotted wearing former teammate Langston Galloway’s sneaker brand during a Dallas Mavericks shootaround. ESPN’s Tim MacMahon caught up with Kyrie Irving, wearing the LG Two by Ethics, saying, “I wanted to show him some love.”

The two spent a brief time on the same Brooklyn Nets squad in 2021-22, but there’s no clear indication Kyrie will look to sign a deal with Ethics the Brand in the future. He is, however, open to the idea of testing out new types of shoes and would be willing to give the LG Twos a run during a game.

It’ll mark the first time Kyrie Irving has worn anything other than Nike during his career. It’ll be interesting to see which brand he aligns with the most, as whoever it is will be receiving a mega-superstar in return. Stay tuned to our sneaker coverage for further news on kicks around the NBA.

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