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If anyone has followed the career of Jimmy Butler, they would know he has been a little unconventional with the style of his hair.

Even with knowing that, what he has going on this season, as he plays for the Miami Heat, has some of the people who normally wouldn’t be bothered with his hair wondering what’s the deal. Earlier in the year, Butler had dreadlocks flowing, which had people debating whether or not the hair was real.

Now, Jimmy Butler has braids, and in tonight’s game against the Utah Jazz, he doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with them. Check out the clips of the contrasting hairstyles, captured on the ClutchPoints Twitter page.

The change in hairstyles occurred during halftime of the contest, and it’s almost like Butler wanted to go with a full afro for the second half, but didn’t have enough time to un-braid the rest of his hair before leaving the locker room.

No one knows what’s going on other than Butler (and maybe his teammates). Maybe he had this plan to do this with his hair all along, or the braids were too tight on his head, making it a little uncomfortable for him to perform at optimal levels.

For Butler and Heat fans, it’s logical to believe they don’t care how his hair looks. The only thing that matters is how he’s playing on the court. Last time it was checked, the quality of play has not dropped off in any way.

As long as that’s the case, Butler could probably have his hair in any style.

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