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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas knows how to be an entertainer, that’s for sure. However, if he’s hoping that what he’s saying is helping Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, he may want to take a different route.

With a lengthy post on social media, Arenas attempted to spin the $50,000 that Morant blew over the course of a couple of nights at a Denver nightclub as a philanthropic act and example of model behavior. The exotic dancer seen in photos of Morant is someone Arenas described as bring so excited she jumped on him without his consent.

What Arenas either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about is that the nightclub — Shotgun Willies — has had a violent history, including two people being killed inside of the club. Contrary to what Arenas posted, multiple women were said to “absolute terrified” by the fact that Morant had a weapon inside of the nightclub, per The New York Post’s Matthew Sedacca.

That being said, club owner Deborah Dunafon would say that Morant was “extremely respectful” and didn’t drink on his second visit.

Morant is attempting to be contrite after brandishing a firearm at a local adult entertainment club. So recently feeling like he was on top of the world, Morant has seen his name dragged through the mud on television and social media, has been suspended by the Grizzlies, and investigated by both the NBA and local law enforcement.

It’s also looking like the incident has had an effect on his sponsorship deals, with Powerade pulling him from commercials.

Nonetheless, while Arenas is taking the situation too lightly, there is a need for nuance in the discussions about Morant.

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