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Ex-India Stars Clash Again, This Time Over Rohit Sharma – Billionschannel

Ex-India Stars Clash Again, This Time Over Rohit Sharma – Billionschannel


Former India cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra have been engaged in a bitter war of words over KL Rahul’s spot in the national team. During their ugly social media confrontation, the two retired Team India players also brought current captain Rohit Sharma into discussion and then clashed over him.

But this isn’t the first time Rohit Sharma appeared in Aakash Chopra and Venkatesh Prasad’s fight. The fans previously trolled Aakash Chopra after an old video of the former India opener began doing the rounds on the highly influential messaging app.

In the viral clip, Aakash Chopra opined that Rohit Sharma could not succeed as an opening batter for India. His statement proved incorrect in subsequent years as the Nagpur-born cricketer cemented his place at the top of the order in all forms of cricket.

Since last week, Aakash Chopra and Venkatesh Prasad have taken multiple swipes at each other over KL Rahul, whose string of poor scores has been slammed by many other cricket experts, including Sanjay Manjrekar.

After Aakash Chopra labeled Venkatesh Prasad as an agenda peddler due to his continuous attacks on out-of-form India opener KL Rahul, the latter fired back at the former and even declined his offer to have a one-to-one discussion on the matter.

“I am not saying KL Rahul will become like Rohit Sharma but I humbly request you to stay calm. If there are any agendas, let’s not peddle them. Let’s talk about the numbers that are actually there and not those that suit your thoughts,” Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

Aakash Chopra’s remarks, however, didn’t go well with Venkatesh Prasad, who immediately hit back at him on Twitter.

“So my friend Aakash Chopra after making a vile video on YouTube this morning where he calls me an agenda peddle,  conveniently and cleverly misquotes me, removes Mayank’s average of 70 at home, wants to gag views which are not in line with what he believes but wanted Rohit out,” Venkatesh Prasad wrote on the microblogging site.

“I have no agenda against any player, maybe there are others who have. Difference of opinion is fine but calling contrary views as apna personal agenda and Twitter par mat laayein is funny for Aakash Chopra, considering he has made a great career by airing his views. I have nothing against KL or any other player, my voice has been against unfair selection and different yardsticks for performers. Be it Sarfaraz or Kuldeep, have voiced based on merit. But it was disappointing to see Aakash calling it personal agenda,” he added.

“This is what Aakash had aired when Rohit was 24 with 4 yrs in international cross. He can use sarcasm for Rohit at 24, and I cannot point out underperforming Rahul at 31 with 8 years in International cricket. Yeh bhi sahi hai.”

“And the argument that we should not criticise a player in an ongoing match personally doesn’t make sense to me. That doesn’t affect the players performance.  Most players don’t read views even after the match and no player can read in between match as phones are deposited,” Venkatesh Prasad elaborated.

“I admire Aakash for the hardwork he puts on his YouTube channel but calling a different view point as agenda because it doesn’t suit his narrative is poor,” the former India fast bowler argued.

But Aakash Chopra claimed that his former India teammate misinterpreted his words.

“Venky bhai, msgs are getting lost in translation. You here. Me on YT. I invite you to come on a Video Chat…we can do it Live. Difference on opinions is nice…lets do it properly I’ll not have any sponsors on it & nobody will make money out of it. Up for it? You have my number,” Aakash Chopra tweeted.

Venkatesh Prasad, though, declined his invitation. “No Aakash, nothing is lost in translation. In your 12 minute video you have called me as an agenda peddler because it didn’t suit your narrative. It is crystal clear. And I have made my points very clear in this Twitter thread. Don’t wish to engage with you further on this.”

The shocking saga between Aakash Chopra and Venkatesh Prasad began last week when the former India bowling coach’s sharp words against KL Rahul got a response from the former.

Aakash Chopra suggested that Venkatesh Prasad could have waited till the end of the second innings of the Test match in Delhi to launch his latest attack on the under-fire Karnataka batter.

“And the torrid run continues. More to do with rigidity of the management to persist with a player who just hasn’t looked the part. No top order batsman in atleast last 20 years of Indian cricket has played these many tests with such a low average,” Venkatesh Prasad had tweeted after KL Rahul’s failure in the first innings of the second Test in Delhi.

To this, Aakash Chopra responded: “Venky Bhai, Test match chal raha hai. How about, at least, waiting for both the innings to get over. All of us are in the same team i.e. Team India. Not asking you to hold back your thoughts but timing could be a little better. After all, our game is all about the timing.”

“Honestly doesn’t matter , Aakash. In my view it is very fair criticism even if he scores a half century in the second innings . And between the match or after the match is irrelevant here. Best wishes for your lovely videos on YT, I do enjoy them,” Venkatesh Prasad said in his reply to Aakash Chopra’s post.

He said his criticism of KL Rahul was not a personal agenda, and he was one of his well-wishers.

Venkatesh Prasad then advised KL Rahul to play county cricket in England because scoring on pitches that aid seam movement and in conditions where the ball moves a lot would boost his confidence, and he would become a much more assured batter.

KL Rahul was named in the squad for the last two Test matches against the Australian cricket team despite his repeated failures, announced on Sunday.

On Monday, Venkatesh Prasad shared his views on this development before comparing KL Rahul with out-of-favor Ajinkya Rahane, who was removed from the side last year after a prolonged slump with the bat.

“With KL being retained for the remaining 2 test matches, if he is picked in the playing 11, Indore is his best chance of coming back to form and silencing critics like me. Else needs to play county cricket, perform well and make a comeback in the Test side,” he said.

“And if overseas performance is a criteria, Ajinkya Rahane despite being out of form and also inconsistent before being dropped had one of the best overseas Test record, averaging over 40 overseas in 50 test matches. Was out of form and dropped,” the ex-India fast bowler argued.

“There is a view that KL Rahul has an outstanding overseas Test record. But stats speak otherwise. He has a test avg of 30 overseas in 56 innings. He has scored 6 overseas centuries but followed it up with a string of low scores that’s why averaging 30,” Venkatesh Prasad concluded.

Coming back to Rohit Sharma, a couple of weeks ago, he became the first player in international cricket to score a century across all formats, both as a batter and a captain.

The India captain accomplished the landmark with his majestic knock of 120 off 212 deliveries against Australia during the first Test at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur.


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