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Everything You Need To Know About Kang In Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania – Billionschannel

Everything You Need To Know About Kang In Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania – Billionschannel


Without a doubt, Kang is the absolute highlight of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Thanks to Jonathan Majors’ impressive performance and the threat he presents on-screen, the Conqueror is surely one antagonist marvel Cinematic Universe fans must keep an eye on in the coming years.

4 Things you need to know about Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

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4. Kang is related to Mr. Fantastic

At some point during Quantumania, Janet mentions Kang’s first name – Nathaniel. While most people would think this detail means nothing in the grand scheme of things, there’s something interesting to note about the Conqueror’s real name in the source material – Nathaniel Richards.

The last name, in particular, potentially holds some level of significance in the main MCU timeline. As it stands, Nathaniel Richards is a direct descendant of Reed Richards’ father who shares the same name as the Conqueror in the comics. Of course, the original Nathaniel Richards’ son is also Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four, which so happens to be an upcoming Marvel movie in Phase 6.

If the source material is any indication, there’s a pretty good chance the Kang we recently saw in Quantumania is going to be linked to Reed Richards. When that possible link is given life, fans will be pretty stoked to know how a highly-anticipated film will trace its roots back to the most recent Ant-Man and the Wasp movie.

3. The Conqueror’s history in the comic books

Speaking of Kang’s history in the comics, there’s more than meets the eye than just him being Reed Richards’ descendant. First appearing in Fantastic Four #19 (1963) as Rama-Tut and in Avengers #8 (1964) as Kang himself, Nathaniel Richards was originally a 31st-century scholar who uses time travel and future technology to conquer the past. He’ll later go against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in different encounters.

As the years go by, there have been several versions of Kang that branched off from the main character. Some notable examples are Immortus, Scarlet Centurion, and Iron Lad, and each version became its own separate entity in the source material. With the recent release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it’s safe to say that the MCU version of Kang doesn’t steer far from the source material. Instead, fans might see the antagonist get fleshed out as Marvel rolls out its Phase 5 and 6 slate of projects, most notably Loki season 2, Avengers: Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars.

2. Kang’s connection to Loki

Those who caught Loki’s first season on Disney Plus wouldn’t be surprised to see the actor who played He Who Remains portray Quantumania’s primary villain, Kang. As a matter of fact, that same series went into great detail to explain Kang’s history, and his variants’ part in the Multiversal War He Who Remains ended. With his death at hands of Sylvie, a female variant of Loki, the Sacred Timeline has been left unprotected, which caused Kang’s endless counterparts to return.

But the connection to Loki doesn’t seem to end there. The second post-credits scene of Quantumania features the God of Mischief and Mobius in the early 1900s watching a man speak before a crowd about using time and manipulating it for their own good. This is another variant of Kang named Victor Timely and it’s one who’s making Loki afraid just at the mere sight of him. It’s not yet known whether the former Thor villain is scared of Timely himself, or just because he looks exactly like He Who Remains during the season 1 finale. In any case, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot left to be explored when it comes to Loki’s link to Kang or any one of his variants he’s going to encounter soon.

1. The Council of Kangs

After Kang’s defeat at the hands of Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, three of Kang’s variants meet and discuss what happened to the version of themselves they exiled. Although one of their own has been defeated by an Avenger, they are more concerned with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes becoming more aware of the Multiverse. At this point, they agree to deal with the matter at hand by summoning countless variants which compose the Council of Kangs.

As shown in Loki season 1 and Kang’s warning during the film, this is the group that poses the biggest threat to the Avengers and the Multiverse itself. He Who Remains was acting to prevent another Multiversal War from starting but it seems that this council would light the fuse that will begin the said conflict. And while Kang’s fate is unknown after the events of Quantumania, his part in this film will most definitely get the ball rolling toward that inevitable battle.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg for Kang. How his story unfolded in the most recent Ant-Man and the Wasp film is only the beginning of a multi-film arc that will give more life to Jonathan Majors’ character. With a major push being done on him now, it’s only a matter of time before MCU fans get to see the whole picture when it comes to the Conqueror.


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