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All of the Revealed Wrestlers in WWE 2K23 Roster – Billionschannel

All of the Revealed Wrestlers in WWE 2K23 Roster – Billionschannel


The WWE 2K23 roster is here! The complete roster has finally been unveiled, so here is a list of all of the wrestlers, superstars, and performers appearing in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Roster: Full List of Confirmed Wrestlers and Performers

WWE 2K23 has officially been revealed with WWE 2K23 release date with the John Cena cover athlete reveal. But aside from John Cena, who else is going to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster? According to Visual Concepts, WWE 2K23 will be having more wrestlers on its roster compared to WWE 2K22, which had a final roster count of 222 playable characters. According to them as well, if they continue their work rate, then the eventual WWE 2K24, especially since WWE keeps on signing new talent, and thus many wrestlers are debuting in WWE 2K23. This includes DLC wrestlers, which we’ll be discussing as well below.

Well, so far, we have a complete list of the WWE 2K23 roster, and it numbers less than 222, so perhaps the final count will be higher when also accounting DLC wrestlers that will be coming out post-launch.

Of course, it’s expected that the entire current locker room will be appearing in some capacity in the game, but there have been instances in the past when some wrestlers didn’t make the cut, just like in the WWE 2K22 roster. So, we have this list readied to let you know who has actually been confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster. Meanwhile, while some wrestlers might be part of the current roster and are expected to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster, Visual Concepts asks fans to hold their thoughts for a moment and wait for the announcement of DLC content, as some wrestlers might feature there instead of at launch. We also have a full list of notable wrestlers missing from the WWE 2K23 roster.

Confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K23 Roster:

  1. Adam Pearce***
  2. AJ Styles
  3. Akira Tozawa
  4. Alba Fyre
  5. Alexa Bliss
  6. Aliyah
  7. Andre the Giant
  8. Angel Garza
  9. Angelo Dawkins
  10. Apollo Crews
  11. Asuka
  12. Austin Theory
  13. Axiom
  14. Bad Bunny^
  15. Batista
    1.  “Leviathan” OVW Batista*^
  16. Bayley
  17. Becky Lynch
  18. Beth Phoenix
  19. Bianca Belair
  20. Big Boss Man
  21. Big E
  22. Bobby Lashley
  23. Boogeyman
  24. Booker T
  25. Braun Strowman
  26. Bret “The Hitman” Hart
  27. Brie Bella
  28. “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith
  29. Brock Lesnar
    1. “Developmental Rookie” OVW Brock Lesnar*^
    2. SummerSlam ’03 Brock Lesnar*
  30. Bron Breakker
  31. Bruno Sammartino
  32. Brutus Creed
  33. Butch
  34. Cactus Jack
  35. Cameron Grimes
  36. Carmella
  37. Carmelo Hayes
  38. Cedric Alexander
  39. Chad Gable
  40. Charlotte Flair
  41. Chyna
  42. “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes
  43. Commander Azeez
  44. Cora Jade
  45. Cruz del Toro
  46. Dakota Kai
  47. Damian Priest
  48. Dana Brooke
  49. Dexter Lumis
  50. Diesel
  51. Doink The Clown
  52. Dolph Ziggler
  53. Dominik Mysterio
  54. Doudrop
  55. Drew Gulak
  56. Drew McIntyre
  57. Eddie Guerrero
  58. Edge
    1. SummerSlam ’06 Edge*
  59. Elias
  60. Eric Bischoff
  61. Erik
  62. Ezekiel
  63. Faarooq
  64. Finn Balor
  65. Gigi Dolin
  66. Giovanni Vinci
  67. Goldberg
  68. Grayson Waller
  69. Gunther
  70. Happy Corbin
  71. Hulk Hogan
    1. “Hollywood” Hogan*
  72. Humberto Carrillo
  73. Ilja Dragunov
  74. Indi Hartwell
  75. Ivar
  76. Iyo Sky
  77. Jacy Jayne
  78. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  79. JBL
  80. JD McDonagh
  81. Jerry “The King” Lawler
  82. Jey Uso
  83. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
  84. Jimmy Uso
  85. Jinder Mahal
  86. Joaquin Wilde
  87. John Cena
    1. “Prototype” John Cena*^
    2. “Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena*
    3. “Developmental Rookie” OVW John Cena*
    4. SummerSlam ’06 John Cena*
    5. Night of Champions ’08 John Cena*
    6. SummerSlam ’16 John Cena*
    7. WrestleMania 34 John Cena*
  88. Johnny Gargano
  89. Julius Creed
  90. Kane
  91. Karrion Cross
  92. Katana Chance
  93. Kayden Carter
  94. Kevin Nash
    1. Kevin Nash (NWO)*
  95. Kevin Owens
  96. Kofi Kingston
  97. Kurt Angle
  98. LA Knight
  99. Lacey Evans
  100. Lita
  101. Liv Morgan
  102. Logan Paul
  103. Ludwig Kaiser
  104. Ma.ce
  105. Madcap Moss
  106. Mansoor
  107. Maryse
  108. Matt Riddle
  109. Molly Holly
  110. Montez Ford
  111. Mr. McMahon
  112. Mustafa Ali
  113. MVP
  114. Natalya
  115. Nikki Cross
    1. Nikki A.S.H.*
  116. Nikki Bella
  117. Nikita Lyons
  118. Noam Dar
  119. Omos
  120. Otis
  121. Paul Heyman**
  122. Queen Zelina
  123. R-Truth
  124. Randy Orton
    1. “Developmental Rookie” OVW Randy Orton*^
  125. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
  126. Raquel Rodriguez
  127. Razor Ramon
  128. Reggie
  129. Rey Mysterio
  130. Rhea Ripley
  131. Rick Boogs
  132. Ricochet
  133. Ridge Holland
  134. Rikishi
  135. Rob Van Dam
  136. Robert Roode
  137. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
  138. Roman Reigns
  139. Ronda Rousey
  140. Roxanne Perez
  141. Sami Zayn
  142. Santos Escobar
  143. Scarlett**
  144. Scott Hall
    1. Scott Hall (NWO)*
  145. Seth “Freakin” Rollins
  146. Shane McMahon
  147. Shanky
  148. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels
  149. Shayna Baszler
  150. Sheamus
  151. Shelton Benjamin
  152. Shinsuke Nakamura
  153. Shotzi
  154. Solo Sikoa
  155. Sonya Deville
  156. Stacy Keibler
  157. Stephanie McMahon
  158. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
  159. Syxx
  160. T-Bar
  161. Tamina
  162. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
  163. The Hurricane
  164. The Miz
  165. The Rock
  166. Titus O’Neil
  167. Tommaso Ciampa
  168. Triple H
    1. Night of Champions ’08 Triple H
  169. Trish Stratus
  170. Tyler Bate
  171. Tyler Breeze~
  172. Ultimate Warrior
  173. Umaga
  174. Undertaker
    1. Vengeance ’03 Undertaker
    2. WrestleMania 34 Undertaker
  175. Vader
  176. Veer Mahaan
  177. Wes Lee
  178. X-Pac
  179. Xavier Woods~
  180. Xia Li
  181. Yokozuna
  182. Zoey Stark

*Alternate versions
***General Manager
^DLC Content
~Wrestler and General Manager

WWE 2K23 Post-Launch DLC

The following wrestlers have also been confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster coming from post-launch DLCs.

Pre-Order Bonus

1. Bad Bunny

Icon Edition Exclusive Characters

1. “Developmental Rookie” OVW Brock Lesnar
2. “Developmental Rookie” Randy Orton
3. “Prototype” John Cena
4. “Leviathan” OVW Batista

Likely to be part of the roster Through the John Cena Showcase

While not yet confirmed, some of these superstars that are not part of the current roster may appear thanks to them being a big part of John Cena’s career. A lot of them are already confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster, but not all. While we don’t know yet the complete coverage of the John Cena Showcase, we have these WWE superstars lined up who wish will make an appearance as part of the WWE 2K23 cast:

  1. CM Punk – As one of John Cena’s biggest rivals in WWE and because of his infamous pipe bomb – although highly unlikely for his contract with AEW and his bad blood with the company
  2. Daniel Bryan – Or Bryan Danielson, as he’s known now and how he was known before WWE, for their solid match during SummerSlam 2013 – however unlikely as well due to his current contract with AEW
  3. Edge* – As arguably Cena’s best foil in his entire career, arguably John Cena’s #1 enemy ever
  4. Shawn Michaels* – For their tag team championship run and subsequent rivalry where Cena would prove that he’s the company’s future
  5. The Rock* – Already goes without saying that the most electrifying performer will make an appearance in every foreseeable WWE game, but given that he’s not yet officially revealed, we’re putting Dwayne Johnson up here
  6. Umaga* – It’s time to honor Umaga once again by including him in WWE 2K23 as part of the main roster and not as a DLC character. He is, after all, responsible for some of John Cena’s most memorable matches
  7. Rob Van Dam* – We should get Rob Van Dam included as well for their memorable ECW One Night Stand match back in 2006
  8. JBL* – JBL was another weaselly heel that had memorable matches with Cena, including the bloody and gruesome 2005 Judgment Day “I Quit Match” the two had for the WWE Championship
  9. Kurt Angle* – How could we forget John Cena’s “Ruthless Aggression” debut stepping up against Kurt Angle? Of course, we won’t. And we wish the Olympic Gold Medalist to make an appearance in the John Cena Showcase as well
  10. Bray Wyatt – Bray Wyatt also battled with John Cena multiple times, and multiple iterations of the Eater of Worlds fought Cena, including the odd one during the pandemic era “The Firefly Funhouse” match that was peak cinematic wrestling for WWE

*Of the wrestlers mentioned above, Edge, The Rock, Rob Van Dam, and Kurt Angle have since been confirmed to be part of the game.

And that’s all of the confirmed WWE 2K23 roster cast of characters and wrestlers who will be appearing in the game so far. We do have some speculations going on in the latter half of this article, but we’ll surely be able to pinpoint who exactly will be included in the final roster when the time comes. But for now, this is everything we have going for us. We’ll also update this once the post-release content packs are revealed so that you can also track which of the DLC wrestlers have been released already and who are yet to come.

WWE 2K23 is coming out on March 17, 2023, for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and the Xbox Series X. For everything else about WWE 2K, stick with ClutchPoints Gaming.


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