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A change at TechCrunch | TechCrunch – Billionschannel

A change at TechCrunch | TechCrunch – Billionschannel


Hi all! Connie Loizos here with a brief bulletin: I’m the new General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of TechCrunch. [Puffs on cigar.]

I know, you’re busy – I get it – so I want to take just a minute of your time to explain how TechCrunch is evolving to meet your needs as we charge forward over here.

First, with this new appointment, we’re going to lean even more heavily into what we do best, which is to cover the rapidly expanding startup and VC scene. It’s a world I know well as the founder of StrictlyVC, a popular daily newsletter that Yahoo has also acquired as part of this transition and which will continue hitting subscribers’ inboxes daily. Going forward, we’re going to continue telling you what, but we’re going to be diving more deeply into the who, why, and how.

Second, you’re going to start seeing even more original reporting in TechCrunch. We’ll still catch you up on some of the bigger stories that you need to know, but much more of our time is going to be spent finding stories that no one else is telling you.

Finally, we plan on offering you more ways to surface what’s most relevant to you. In addition to StrictlyVC, we’re going to introduce more newsletter products, more video content, more intimate events and . . . well, we’ll hold back a few of our plans to surprise you.

We will be building on the work of Matthew Panzarino and Joey Hinson. Matthew has been steering TC for the better part of ten years. Matthew is a big reason why I joined TechCrunch as Silicon Valley Editor years ago and has even more to do with why I’m still here. Thankfully, he’s going to continue on as an advisor to Yahoo and TechCrunch, and he’s already providing me with great counsel. Joey, our longtime GM, meanwhile deserves credit for materially improving TechCrunch’s business, even in the face of economic headwinds. Joey similarly had an amazing run — 11 years — before recently accepting a new role elsewhere, and we’re missing him already. (His last day is Friday, but we’re a sentimental bunch.)

It’s a competitive landscape, and in order to keep your attention, we know we have to continue to earn it. Fortunately, we have a team that is second to none. I would stack up my colleagues against any tech news organization out there. They know their stuff.

Of course, we also have you, who’ve never shied away from telling us when we are veering off track. Please, keep the feedback coming (minus the expletives).

Thank you very much as always for reading TechCrunch. We appreciate each one of you and we look forward to surprising and delighting you in the weeks and months to come.



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