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3 Bold Nationals Predictions For 2023 MLB Season – Billionschannel

3 Bold Nationals Predictions For 2023 MLB Season – Billionschannel


After winning the 2019 World Series, the Washington Nationals have decided to go on a total revamp with their roster. Guys like Max Scherzer and Trea Turner were moved a couple of seasons back. Still, the rebuild was evident after they shipped generational talent Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres for a haul of prospects led by CJ Abrams and MacKenzie Gore.

As the Nationals will have another tough 2023 campaign, baseball pundits have predicted them to have the worst record this season. With the NL East counterparts bolstering their lineup in the offseason, it lessens the chances of Washington putting up a substantial fight this year. It will be difficult to accept for their youngsters, but this will be another season of earning the necessary repetitions at the big league level.

Avoiding tanking has been a point of consideration in the MLB, so Washington can only go as high as seventh for the 2024 draft. It gives them the incentive to go all out every game. Thus, here are numerous bold predictions on the performance of Washington for 2023.

Breakout season for CJ Abrams

Being the biggest asset acquired from the Juan Soto mega trade, the eyeballs will be focused on the development and progression of CJ Abrams. At 22 years old, Abrams started last season in Triple-AAA, but he will likely be in the majors as the starting shortstop of Washington. His offense and power still have holes and weaknesses, but his defense is elite already.

Some plays caught the eye of Nationals’ fans, and they highlighted glimpses of his upside. CJ Abrams can be a dark horse candidate for the Gold Glove award this year, as he will likely compete with impressive guys like Dansby Swanson or Miguel Rojas. Adapting to the city of Washington instantly was admirable for Abrams, and his speed and athleticism will be the primary facets wherein he will excel for the 2023 season.

Stephen Strasburg will continue to miss the 2023 season

Man, what a disappointing and unfortunate career it has been for a Cy Young-caliber pitcher. Stephen Strasburg was rewarded with a seven-year, $245 million contract extension after winning his first World Series crown in 2019, but he has pitched a total of 30 innings only since that juncture. He has experienced a ton of injuries, but this latest one is a recurring of the thoracic outlet symptoms that caused rib and shoulder pain.

The injury history was already given for the talented star, so it was surprising for the front office to reward him with a massive contract. The surgeries and discomfort he has been feeling are very concerning because the procedures being done to him do not address the issue. His track record and numbers have been exceptional, but returning to the mound at 100% must be the utmost priority.

Nationals will not be in MLB’s bottom 3

The season has not started yet, but the Washington Nationals fans know they have a minimal chance of making some noise this season. The priority is on their youngsters and prospects to develop into All-Star caliber players in the next 3-5 years.

With the potential of guys like Abrams, Josiah Gray, Keibert Ruiz, and Luis Garcia, Washington has a bright future. The model or formula they must emulate is the one from the Tampa Bay Rays or Cleveland Guardians as a young franchise that thrives because of their prospects, defense, and athleticism. 


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