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Xbox Stellar Shift releases First Special Edition controller

Xbox Stellar Shift releases First Special Edition controller

Microsoft has officially revealed the new Stellar Shift Xbox Series S/X controller, a limited edition controller that costs $69.99.

Recently, leaked pictures of a new Xbox controller circulated online, but it now seems that they weren’t simply rumours.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition
Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition
Xbox Stellar Shift releases First Special Edition controller

The Stellar Shift controller, the most recent limited-edition Microsoft controller, was just released. Priced at $69.99 in the US and £59.99/€64.99 in the UK, the new controller is available for purchase at the Xbox Store. Following the release of the Lunar Shift in October of last year, this is the most recent controller in the Shift Special Edition line.

Here is the complete statement:

“We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Shift Special Edition series, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition, today. We knew that the Stellar Shift had to go a step farther than the first two titles in the Shift series, Aqua Shift, which was inspired by the deep sea, and Lunar Shift, which captured the mesmerising atmosphere of the moon. The Stellar Shift controller has a captivating deep space ambiance thanks to its remarkable color-shifting blue-purple shimmer. You can hold on to all of your gaming action with the help of the distinctive swirl grips on each controller.

Discover new adventures while holding the controller more securely thanks to the textured grips on the triggers, bumpers, and rear case. A hybrid D-pad next to it provides the Stellar Shift with precise yet well-known input. Use the dedicated Share button to quickly record and share stuff with all of your other friends while you are exploring, such as video and screenshots from the Xbox Accessories App. You can remap your buttons with this programme and make your own unique controller profiles. You can connect any of your favourite headsets via the 3.5mm jack. With Bluetooth technology that enables wireless gaming on your PC and mobile devices, feel free to use your controller with more than just the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

It’s simple to see how the most recent design fits with the notion of the next Bethesda RPG game that is set in deep space, even if Microsoft declined to confirm whether the Stellar Shift is tied to the future Starfield game.

Starfield, which is reportedly currently in a playable condition, is expected to launch soon, so hopefully we’ll learn more about that soon.

Fans of the original Microsoft franchise Fable will be thrilled to find that the protracted reboot is currently in a play state since we’re talking about playable states. The reboot will, in Microsoft’s words, give the game a “new start” and be “faithful to the concept” as an RPG.


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