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What is on the February Game Pass Schedule?

What is on the February Game Pass Schedule?

The new games added to Game Pass this month span a variety of platforms and appeal to players of all ages.

Before the month is over, Xbox Game Pass members will be able to play even more games. Microsoft just added a few additional games, including Madden NFL 23, Cities: Skylines – Remastered, and Atomic Heart, to the Game Pass after Hi-Fi Rush and several other new titles were added throughout the previous week and before last month’s Game Pass subscription period expired.

February Game Pass Schedule
What is on the February Game Pass Schedule?

If you didn’t purchase a copy of Madden NFL 23 when it was first released last year, you should do so right away. Be aware that since it will be accessible through EA Play on the Game Pass, it is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This should be perfect for you if you need to scratch an enormous NFL-sized itch before Super Bowl LVII on Sunday. Even so, Microsoft’s subscription service is adding additional titles if you’re not into sports.

Although Cities: Skylines has been available for almost ten years, the next remaster will allow you to design megacities with more intricate characteristics, like traffic jams. The last day-one unlock is Atomic Heart, which resembles a cross between Fallout and Metro with a dash of BioShock.

Skylines of cities Remastered will enable players to create new cities using the capabilities of the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Here’s the complete February 2023 Game Pass lineups:

  • Madden NFL 2023 – February 9
  • SD Gundam Battle Alliance – February 9
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – February 14
  • Cities: Skylines Remastered – February 15
  • Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition – February 16
  • Atomic Heart – February 21

As fantastic as it would be if Microsoft simply kept adding titles to the Game Pass, it unfortunately also needs to off-load a few from time to time. On February 15, Besiege, CrossfireX, Infernax, Recompile, Skul: The Hero Slayer, and The Last Kids on Earth will all be removed from the Game Pass. In the case of CrossfireX, it might be your final opportunity to play it because it will be shutting down in May.

Most people agree that Madden NFL 23 is one of the worst games in the series.

In regards to Game Pass, Microsoft must urgently add additional day-one games to the subscription service if it is to keep its position as the market leader. Thankfully, Hi-Fi Rush was a solid beginning. Later this year, fans can anticipate the release of a number of more first-party games, including Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Starfield, and Minecraft: Legends.


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