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Last week’s installment ended on a cliffhanger as Bo-Katan Kryze saves Din Djarin from an unknown fate beneath the Living Waters in Mandalore. With his redemption on the line, the former bounty hunter is about to discover something entirely different in store in the path ahead of him. Learn more about what truly went down in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 ending explained.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 ending explained

This week’s The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 recap starts in the Living Waters with Bo-Katan Kryze just saving Din Djarin from an unknown assailant. The latter, meanwhile, says that he’s redeemed after bathing in the water and taking a sample of it. The former Mandalorian regent then asks him if he saw anything under the water with Din saying he saw nothing. Strangely, Bo-Katan does not mention the creature she saw underwater.

As they are traveling back to Kalevala, a squadron of TIE interceptors attacks Bo-Katan’s ship. Din tells her to take him back to his fighter so he can reinforce the Gauntlet against these Imperial fighters. Bo-Katan drops Din back to his starfighter and the two eliminate their pursuers right away. Moments after, Din spots another squadron of TIE bombers attacking Bo-Katan’s castle, causing her to run after them on her own. From there, Din persuades her to escape rather than face a whole armada of TIE fighters with just two ships. They then jump to lightspeed to get away.

Over in Coruscant, Dr. Penn Pershing speaks before the New Republic as a recipient of an amnesty program that granted him freedom. He adds that even with a shameful past, Pershing is now ready to help the New Republic by using advanced cloning methods. After speaking to the crowd and mingling with some delegates, Pershing goes back to his quarters and meets other members of the Amnesty Program, including G68, a former officer under Moff Gideon. He is given a drink as the other individuals celebrate their new status under the New Republic.  Back alone in his quarters, Pershing finds a box of travel biscuits left on his doorstep, presumably left by some of his new friends in the Amnesty Program.

The following day, Pershing goes on with his first day at work as part of the New Republic. He then enjoys the sights and sounds of the city with G68 as the two bond over their past lives as Imperials. Over time, Pershing admits he misses his work back as an Imperial scientist, something to which G68 objects. They leave shortly after G68 pulls a prank on Pershing.

A day after their date, Pershing goes on to be interviewed by a droid about his current living conditions and work as part of the New Republilc’s Amnesty Program. The scientist then asks whether he can continue his research on cloning, something which the law now prohibits. He then proceeds to meet G68 and tells her that his work on cloning will benefit the New Republic, only if he can prove it. G68 agrees to get the equipment he needs but it will require them to go beyond the limits of their amnesty. They agree to sleep this thought first before agreeing to do something brash.

Back in his own station at work, Pershing argues to his co-worker that old Imperial equipment can still be used instead of destroying them. He goes back to the therapy droid and learns that helping the Republic supersedes everything they’re doing. He then uses this train of thought as a justification and asks G68 to get him the required equipment to continue his research.

At nighttime, G68 and Pershing leave the Amnesty Housing to travel to the disposal yards, an area they are not permitted to enter. But before they can reach their destination, two droids arrive to look for their tickets. The pair escape to other carts as the droids start to notice and follow their trail. Rather than get caught, G68 implores Pershing to jump from the train. They take a leap and land safely near the disposal yards.

Without anyone noticing them, G68 and Pershing enter a decommissioned Star Destroyer to find the required equipment. G68 then introduces herself as Elia Kane, a former Imperial communications officer. As the pair find what they’re looking for, a strange noise comes out of nowhere. With the gear he needs now in his possession, Pershing leaves with Elia. Before they can escape, New Republic authorities catch them in the act. Elia then reveals that she has been working with the authorities by framing Pershing.

Inside an interrogation cell, Pershing is placed in a device meant to revise his way of thinking into one that’s more acceptable to the Republic. In another part of the room, Elia is congratulated for her work in this matter. As her superior leaves the control room, Elia increases the machine’s settings to dangerous levels. Meanwhile, Din brings Bo-Katan to a secret location that houses a Mandalorian covert to escape from Imperial forces.

Upon arriving, Din is stopped by Paz Vizsla and several members of the Watch. The former bounty hunter says he’s an apostate no longer after bathing in the Living Waters and showing some of it in a tube as proof. They are taken to the Armorer and she takes the water. Everyone present discovers the truth and Din is now redeemed, along with Bo-Katan. The Armorer then welcomes Bo-Katan into their covert as everyone does the same.

What just happened? The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 recap

After spending the first two installments on Din’s redemption arc, much of The Mandalorian season 3 episode 3 breakdown deals mostly with Pershing’s life under the New Republic’s Amnesty Program. It’s revealed here that the former Imperial scientist still wishes to continue his work on cloning, a pursuit prohibited under the law. He is then framed by Elia Kane, known to others as G68, for purposes not yet revealed to viewers.

Meanwhile, the episode starts with a captivating battle between Din and Bo-Katan on one side, and a fleet of Imperial TIE fighters on the other. After the former regent’s home was bombed, Din leads Bo-Katan, Grogu, and R5-D4 to a Mandalorian covert. From there, the Armorer acknowledges that Din has bathed in the Living Waters and has been redeemed. Surprisingly, Bo-Katan is afforded the same honor and welcomed into their covert.

It remains to be seen how this new development will lead the stories of Din and Bo-Katan further into the season. Furthermore, it seems Pershing will have an important part to play in upcoming installments. Stay tuned to this Star Wars series on Disney Plus in the coming weeks to learn how all of these will pay off.

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