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Arjun Vs Vishwaksen: Tollywood young hero in Arjun’s movie |  Vishwak Sen’s place


It is well known that senior hero Arjun and young hero Vishwak Sen are at odds. Vishvak Sen exited the film in this order. However, another Tollywood hero’s name is now being mentioned for this film.

It is well known that senior hero Arjun is producing a Telugu film. In relation to this film, he had a disagreement with young hero Vishwak Sen. Arjun recently held a press conference and revealed a lot about Vishwak Sen. Arjun’s remarks about Vishwak Sen at this press conference caused quite a stir. In the Tollywood industry, it has become a hot topic.

Arjun Sarja, the senior hero, is directing his own film. While his daughter Aishwarya Sarja plays the heroine in this film, Vishwak Sen plays the hero. However, there was a controversy during the filming of this film. During the filming, Arjun and Vishwak Sen had disagreements on several issues. However, Vishvak Sen has withdrawn from this project.

With a good story, I want to introduce my girl as a heroine in Telugu. Vishwak Sen responded positively when I told him a story. Arjun stated that following that, an agreement was reached in terms of remuneration as well. A deposit was also made. Since then, no matter how many times I called for story discussions, Vishwak Sen has never answered the phone. Arjun categorically stated, “I have never made as many calls to him in my life.”

Vishwak Sen, on the other hand, responded to the controversy. Vishwaksen issued a statement in response to the allegations leveled against him. He admitted that he did make some suggestions for songs, dialogues, and music in the film. He was irritated that Arjun would not agree to even minor changes that seemed appealing.

He claimed that Arjun is putting restrictions on his ability to do what he said. Vishwak stated that he did not believe his word was respected on set. That’s why he left the film: he couldn’t do something he didn’t like.

Even if Vishwak Sen leaves, Arjun is powerless to stop the film. This film is very sentimental for him because it is about his daughter. That is why Arjun is planning to make this film with another hero, and he appears to have consulted with another hero.

Tollywood’s young hero…Arjun is thinking of replacing Sharwanand who is slow in Vishvak Sen’s place. He thinks that he is perfect for this movie. Oke Oka Jeevitham OTT Twitter.

It has been reported that he believes Sharwanand is appropriate for this story and is consulting with him. Sharwanand has been making excellent films since his debut. It remains to be seen whether Sharwanand will agree to Arjun’s request.