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Genshin Impact – Baizhu Official Reveal – Billionschannel

Genshin Impact – Baizhu Official Reveal – Billionschannel


Baizhu has been officially confirmed as a playable character in Genshin Impact!

“Beyond Mortality” Baizhu Reveal

The Owner of Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu, was first encountered during the earlier years of Genshin Impact as the Traveler explored Liyue. Since their first meeting with Baizhu, players have long wondered when (and if) Baizhu will become playable, and the day is finally here. His days of tending the Bubu Pharmacy is over and will finally join Qiqi as a playable character.

Players have noted subtle differences in Baizhu’s design between his first appearance and the art that was used in his reveal.

Baizhu is confirmed to be a Dendro character through posts from the official accounts. His Astrolabe name is Lagenaria, and his alternate title is “Beyond Mortality,” fitting for what little we know about the bespectacled pharmacy owner.

Unofficial sources suggest that he will be a 5-star character and is a Catalyst-wielder.

Baizhu will be playable in Genshin Impact Version 3.6, expected to be on April 12th, 2023.

Baizhu Official Introduction – “Living with many maladies, where will one find a cure?”

“Dr. Baizhu… Something is bothering him, but he won’t tell me anything… He hates death, but he’s always researching it… I don’t understand… But that’s not a problem. I know… that Dr. Baizhu is a good person.”

– A page ripped out of Qiqi’s notebook by an unknown person

“There’s a pharmacy in Liyue called Bubu, and in it is Dr. Baizhu. His skills make all illnesses better, but his medicines are really bitter!”

This nursery rhyme has been widely spread throughout Feiyun Slope, and it has been used by countless parents to warn their children not to get sick… “or else.”

However, it seems that the main character of this nursery rhyme is hardly feared by children. Instead, it is with utmost affection that he is called “Mr. Baizhu” by them.

This impression is mostly attributable to Baizhu’s gentle and friendly demeanor. Interacting with him is a most refreshing experience. And no matter how anxious the patient may be, his confident smile will never fail to reassure.

Regrettably, Baizhu cannot save all his patients — himself, for example.

Herbalist Gui has mentioned that Baizhu’s physical condition is extremely poor, and he often has to go back to his residence to rest after seeing patients. Even so, his smile never falters while in front of people.

When Gui asked him about this, he replied, “If the doctor looks sick himself, how can his patients face their illnesses with confidence?”

Day after day, Baizhu heals his patients. His ever-present smile hides the numerous bitter medicines he takes and the pain he suffers alone.


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