Francis Ngannou drops major revelation on potential boxing deal with Deontay Wilder – Billionschannel

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Is Francis Ngannou or Deontay Wilder the biggest knockout artist in combat sports? We may just find out soon.

Ngannou is currently a free agent since vacating his heavyweight title and departing from the UFC earlier this year. It’s no secret that “The Predator” is looking to test himself in boxing next.

And it appears there is some headway being made as Ngannou revealed he is in discussions with former WBC heavyweight champion and fellow hard-hitter Wilder over a potential two-fight boxing deal.

“We are looking into [Deontay Wilder] because he’s available,” Ngannou told TMZ. “He’s ready for that. He’s very excited about [a fight with me]. He wants it. So, we are looking into that. That’s something I’m very excited about. We even discussed a potential one fight in Africa and one fight somewhere else. Why not even the two fights in Africa?”

Both Ngannou and Wilder are known for their concussive, knockout power. That said, Ngannou acknowledges it’s not as simple as just landing that perfect shot on Wilder, especially in a new sport.

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