Home News Developers of Division 2 accidentally lock themselves out of the game

Developers of Division 2 accidentally lock themselves out of the game

Developers of Division 2 accidentally lock themselves out of the game

The blunder recently caused the third-person shooter by Ubisoft to be delayed from receiving its planned upgrade.

The Division 2 is continually receiving new content updates from Ubisoft, but not all of them have been successful. As an illustration, Season 11 of the well-known looter shooter was postponed by Ubisoft from its original release date of February 7 to a later date. There must be a very good—if humorous reason for it.

The Division 2
In an effort to include a fix for a known problem, the developers broke the game.
Developers of Division 2 accidentally lock themselves out of the game

The start of Season 11 has been delayed owing to a “localization issue,” according to a recent announcement from Ubisoft. Instead of fixing the issue, the game creators “shut down the build generation system,” making it difficult to deliver a remedy until the system has been rebuilt.

The production team disclosed, “Dear Agents, last week we provided news that the season would be delayed owing to a localization issue.” “This past Saturday, we discovered a problem that caused The Division 2’s build generation system to go down as we worked to create the update that would fix the problem. Therefore, until this mechanism has been rebuilt, we cannot update the game.”

Before the new material could be released, the development team planned to extend Season 10. Sadly, the developers were unable to release the update until the generating system was fixed.

The team stated, “We are working to address the issue as soon as feasible. “Over the past 96 hours, we have made good progress and were able to restore crucial components of the system. When the schedule for resolution is available, we will let you know. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, and we’ll be sharing more information on our in-game compensation plan soon.”

Fortunately for the players, the developers fixed the problem and shut down the server for unforeseen maintenance. The team was able to deliver the fix to prolong Season 10 during the downtime.

Ubisoft declared that a server-side upgrade had been successfully implemented after the server had been brought back online. Until The Division 2’s crew is ready to publish Season 11, players can still play the Season 10 content. Ubisoft has stated that it will be disclosing more information about the upcoming season as well as making up for the delay with in-game rewards.

There is still a sizable player base for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and it even grew once Ubisoft made the game available on Steam.

A spin-off of The Division in the style of a battle royale is currently being created by Ubisoft. The PvPvE game mode in this new extraction shooter will be comparable to Call of Duty’s DMZ mode. The game will take place in a brand-new setting in the middle of the US.

The release date of The Division Heartland is uncertain as a result of numerous delays.


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