Home News Call of Duty Season 2 will be 500 Prestige under level cap

Call of Duty Season 2 will be 500 Prestige under level cap

Call of Duty Season 2 will be 500 Prestige under level cap

Call of Duty players can now gain twice as many levels in Season 2 than they could in Season 1, which had a level ceiling of 250.

Activision is continuously disseminating new information regarding the impending Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 second season. Players will have more motivation to grind in season 2 because Activision increased the level maximum to 500 and added more Prestige ranks.

The multiplayer game modes will provide players with extra motivation to grind.
Call of Duty Season 2 will be 500 Prestige under level cap

A new blog post from Activision describing the schedule for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s second season has been published. The famous Gun Game mode will return in Season 2, among other recent revelations from the business.

With a level maximum of 250 and 5 Prestige Ranks when the first season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 was released by Activision. Any of the multiplayer game modes, such as battle royale, multiplayer, and DMZ, must be played in order to advance and unlock the Prestige tasks.

In the upcoming season, users will get access to an additional 250 new levels from Activision. With season 2, players can now achieve level 500. The first season’s progress will continue over to the second, establishing a balance between a loftier objective and one that doesn’t feel overly frightening.

Players will receive five prestige ranks and 250 extra levels.

Season 2 will also see an increase in the prestige rank cap to prestige 10, keeping pace with the level cap increase to 500. The following Prestige Ranks are available for Season 2 unlocking:

  • Prestige 6: Unlocked at Levels 300
  • Prestige¬†7: Unlocked at Levels 350
  • Prestige 8: Unlocked at Levels 400
  • Prestige 9: Unlocked at Levels 450
  • Prestige 10: Unlocked at Levels 500

With each new Prestige Rank that is unlocked, Call of Duty players will receive a new icon next to their name.

A new set of tasks will also become available at each prestige rank. A new Calling Card will be awarded for completing these challenges. A whole set of challenges must be completed in order to obtain animated calling cards.

Season 2 will see Daniel “Ronin” Shinoda make a comeback.

Five new weapons will also be introduced in Season 2: the Crossbow, Dual Kodachis Melee Weapon, ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle, and Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle. At the start of Season 2, the new AR, Shotgun, and Kodachi will be made available via the battle pass. By successfully completing a challenge event, the Crossbow can be unlocked.

Midseason, a new destructive weapon known as the Shuriken will be made accessible alongside the new Marksman Rifle. Players can acquire new camos for each new weapon by completing tasks with that particular weapon.

Additionally making a comeback in season 2 is operator Daniel “Ronin” Shinoda. An ex-member of the Special Forces, Ronin employs unusual tactics, such as the devastating close-range killings performed with the Dual Kodachi.

On February 15, 2023, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release its second season.


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